Why Forza Unita? We offer you, as a contractor, many benefits. You are concerned with your work and you are not concerned with peripheral matters. We perform solvency screening for all clients for whom you are working. Therefore you work for attractive and creditworthy companies. At Forza Unita we understand better than anyone how annoying it is to have to wait for a client to pay. To make this easier, we offer you a payment term of 14 days, regardless of the client’s payment term.

In addition, we also find it very important to meet both the wishes of the client and those of the contractor. We therefore try to put the right man on the right job. In this process we listen to the wishes of client and contractor. By matching every job to the right contractor, we ensure the right match for both parties. This match provides a pleasant working atmosphere for the contractor.

Forza Unita’s benefits

Solvency screening

Working for creditworthy companies

Payment term of 14 days, regardless of client's payment term

The best match between client and contractor

Projecten die aansluiten op de wensen van opdrachtnemer

We look at what you can do and what you want to do

We offer a pleasant working environment

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