How recruitment works

5 step plan

After we have received the application form, we will process and review it. Following the review, we work our way through a step-by-step plan. This way we ensure the best fulfillment of your search query.

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1. Let's meet

We will visit you for an introductory meeting. We specify your search query and evaluate it afterwards, based on our step-by-step plan.

2. Workplace visit

We are happy to visit your workplace. This way we get a concrete picture and an impression of the atmosphere at the company.

3. Start campaign

We start our campaign to find suitable candidates. We collect all available information here and set a profile.

4. Matching & Introducing

Only the best matches meet our expectations. We will then make a selection of the best candidates. We are happy to introduce this to you.

5. Let's get to work!

When the right match has been made, the candidate can start working on your project.

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